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Selling to Millennials Buyers - Remerica Hometown REALTORS

From their attitude towards technology, work, and social issues, there's no question millennials have a great influence on society today. And when it comes to the housing market, they hold significant buying power, accounting for 34 percent of real estate buyers. So if you want to add your home to the list of Ann Arbor homes for sale, they're a market segment that you can't afford to ignore.

Millennial homebuyers have a unique set of preferences and demands that are very different from what boomers want. To expand buyer interest and sell your home competitively, you need to follow millennial homebuying trends and make your house fit their criteria. Here are the features that appeal to today's youthful buyers:

  • A Nice-Sized Lawn
    While we may assume that a lawn may be the last home feature that younger Americans would be interested in, recent research shows that many appreciate the value of a healthy lawn. According to the research, a nice-sized lawn is the highest priority feature among millennials, even beating out a smart home and updated kitchen. But with their busy and social lifestyle, millennials prefer lawns that look nice, are easy to maintain, and safe for their pets. So, if you want to lure millennial buyers, you better boost your home's curb appeal and yard before selling.

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Sell Vacant Home in Ann Arbor - Remerica Hometown REALTORS

Selling a vacant home presents unique challenges. There are advantages and disadvantages that you should go over with Our REALTORS® before listing your property. The more you understand the pros and cons of selling your vacant property in Michigan, the easier and more efficient the process will become.

Advantages of Selling a Vacant Home

  • Staging is simple in a vacant home. Remember, vacant doesn't have to mean barren. In fact, it shouldn't be empty because many prospective buyers will have difficulty visualizing furniture, pictures, and curtains in a completely empty home. You can choose to leave some furniture behind, or even rent furniture to put in some rooms. Once you set everything in position, you can forget it and rest easy knowing that kids, pets, and daily life won't mess up the scene you have carefully crafted. 

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Staging Your Home - Remerica Hometown Realtors

If you're looking to sell your Ann Arbor home this year, you've probably already started to consider how to make your home look more inviting. Maybe you've already spruced up the living room with a fresh coat of paint or updated the backsplash in the kitchen.

But don't forget things such as furniture layout, maximizing available space, and adding finishing touches. Staging your home for others to see how wonderful it can be is an art, one that Our REALTORS® can help you master.

Get Professional Help

When you at Remerica Hometown REALTORS® for assistance in selling your home, realize you have tapped into an experienced team. We know how to stage a house so it will sell. We know what buyers want to see (and believe us, it's not your laundry) and what they're imagining in your space.

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