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Listing Price - Sell a Home - Remerica Hometown Realtors

When most homeowners list their homes, they're hoping to secure the best selling price possible. Our REALTORS® know that each of our clients listing Ann Arbor homes for sale are relying on a financially successful home sale to fund the next chapter of their lives. While we will always act in the best interest of our clients, we believe that all home sellers should be aware that certain situations may warrant a price reduction on the property. When is it appropriate for a seller to reduce the asking price on their home? Here are a few common reasons.

  • Comps are Lower
    Before you list your home, your agent will evaluate the comparable properties to identify a reasonable price for your home. If after you've listed your property you notice that many comps are now significantly lower — or worse, they're selling when yours isn't — you should lower the price to stay competitive.

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Open Houses - Sell a Home - Remerica Hometown Realtors

Ann Arbor homes for sale are some of the most popular in Michigan, but even the best homes won't sell themselves. Real estate agents who want to maximize their effectiveness need to be comfortable with many different methods of promoting their listings. One of the most powerful techniques to help almost any seller is the open house.

At Remerica Hometown, our REALTORS® recognize the value of a memorable open house. In fact, an open house is the most effective face-to-face method for promoting Ann Arbor properties

Sure, some people will visit an open house just to look around. And it's important to make sure you practice basic safety precautions to protect the home. But in many cases, a well-planned open house will yield motivated buyers who may make selling much easier.

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Sell Ann Arbor Home Curb Appeal
Gray skies, snowy weather, and stark, leafless trees can create a rather bleak look during the winter months – a look you'll want to overcome if you're working on selling your home. So what do you need to know about creating curb appeal against such a dreary backdrop? Here are some tips that can help ensure that your home looks warm and inviting this winter, creating a great first impression for potential buyers as they shop Ann Arbor homes for sale

  • Check Your Exterior
    The exterior of your home is in full display once the leaves have fallen from the trees. Step back and take a look at your home with this in mind. Is the siding dirty and dingy? A power-washer can take care of that. Are there areas of fading or peeling paint? Touch them up. Loose or missing shingles? Get them repaired. Clogged, damaged or loose gutters? Get them cleaned and fixed. These small things can make a big difference regarding that all-important first impression, making it clear that you invest in proper home maintenance.

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Hire a Realtor to Sell Your Home
There's something appealing about being self-sufficient. Going it alone. Blazing your own trail. But there are a few things in life that you really ought to have some help with. Selling your home is one of them.

If you're thinking about listing your Plymouth home for sale, it's wise to consider hiring a professional. Read on to learn how to find a real estate agent, and how it will benefit you.

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Sell Home - Professional Photos
Chances are, if you're trying to sell your home, you already know that you need to take every advantage you can get. Professional photos offer you a serious leg up on the competition, but our REALTORS® still get asked all the time – "Are professional photos really necessary?" and "Do professional photos really help sell my property?" 

The simple answer is that yes, they do. And in the increasingly fast-paced and competitive real estate market, they can make all the difference in the world. Here's why:

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Staging Solutions
Setting the Stage for a Successful Sale

When it's time for an open house, putting your best foot forward is a must. You've probably already made repairs, deep cleaned, and worked on your curb appeal. But there are lots of other details that can make your home more inviting and appealing. That's where staging comes in. It's preparing your home for viewing by removing clutter, removing your personal touches, and giving it a more neutral look for wide appeal. Good staging will set your home apart from other Plymouth homes for sale .

Our REALTORS® can always offer some specific advice after they've seen your home. But making sure you pay attention to these general tips is a great place to start.

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Update Don't Renovate to Sell Your Plymouth Home
If you're planning to sell your home, you'll want to get started on getting it ready to list. While your home will be competing with other Plymouth homes for sale, take a minute to evaluate changes that need to be made. Don't commit to expensive home remodeling projects when a simple update will do.

Our REALTORS® understand that when you're preparing your home for the market it's easy to go overboard. When you're ready, we can help you through the process. In the meantime, our best advice is Update, Don't Renovate.

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Here's How to Create Maximum Curb Appeal

Plymouth Create Curb Appeal

Our real estate agents often get asked the question "Is my yard really that important when I'm selling my home?"  Our answer is "yes."  A  survey conducted by the National Association of REALTORS® found 71 percent of home buyers said curb appeal was important when deciding on a home.

Curb appeal is that certain look or feel that encourages buyers to stop, get out of their cars, and come inside to see your home.  If your home's exterior matches the snapshot they've formed in their minds of what their dream home looks like, you're well on your way to selling your home.

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Warm Up Seller Cold Feet

If you've decided to add your home to the roster of Plymouth homes for sale, you probably believe it's the right idea at the right time. But what if you change your mind?

When you leave a home you love, it's a major life event. Just like a nervous bride on her wedding day or an anxious child going away to college, cold feet may set in at any time. The emotional upheaval can make you doubt your judgment and question your intent. It's important to recognize the potential for seller's cold feet and deal with it ahead of time.

Dealing with Seller's Remorse

Our REALTORS® work with home sellers throughout the Plymouth, Michigan area. We understand the apprehensions that can accompany the home-selling process. We believe that if you take the right steps ahead of time, you can warm up your home seller's cold feet and make the process easier from listing through closing.

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Plymouth Home Spring Sale
If you've been waiting for spring to add your home to the list of Plymouth, MI homes for sale, you don't have to wait much longer. Spring officially arrives on March 20. When buyers are searching our local real estate market, you must be ready to open your door when they are. That means you should start preparing right now. 

Our REALTORS® work with local buyers from pre-listing to closing. We understand what it takes to undo the effects a cold winter wreaks on your home. To get you started, we recommend these three things to get your Plymouth home ready for a quick spring sale.

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