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Weekend Curb Appeal Projects - Remerica Hometown Realtors

Do you know how important curb appeal is? If you look at any of our Ann Arbor homes for sale, you'll notice that the best listings often have attractive, presentable exteriors that invite buyers in with their visual appeal. Regardless if you're planning on selling your home soon, or if you're going to enjoy the space for a few more years, our REALTORS® encourage you to make the most of your exterior. Here are five ways that you can boost your curb appeal over a single weekend.

  1. Lighten Up the Space
    Lighting can dramatically increase the aesthetic, visibility, and safety of your property. Simply changing your porch lighting fixtures and replacing old bulbs with LED lights can make your front door shine. You can also install simple ground-mounted lights along the driveway or walkways to the home's front door to provide an illuminated path that is inviting to visitors.

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Exterior Home Features-Remerica Hometown REALTORS

If you are preparing to sell your home, you probably already know that a home that makes potential buyers say "wow" when they turn up for a showing typically sells faster and at a better price than one that gives them a "meh" feeling.

What you may have overlooked is that giving your home the "wow factor" isn't all about what buyers see when they come through your front door. Your home's exterior and grounds are also important in today's market, so here we'll look into the exterior home features buyers want to see when they're shopping Ann Arbor homes for sale.

  • Exterior Lighting – Outdoor lighting is a must-have for homes going on the market, since it tops the list of exterior features that buyers want. Exterior lighting offers a warm, inviting look to the home and enhances security for its residents. If outdoor lighting is lacking around your home, consider adding features like walkway lights along paths and driveways, soft lighting for patios and porches, small accent lights near attractive landscaping features, and perhaps some motion-activated lighting in the yard and near home and garage entryways.

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Sell Ann Arbor Home Curb Appeal
Gray skies, snowy weather, and stark, leafless trees can create a rather bleak look during the winter months – a look you'll want to overcome if you're working on selling your home. So what do you need to know about creating curb appeal against such a dreary backdrop? Here are some tips that can help ensure that your home looks warm and inviting this winter, creating a great first impression for potential buyers as they shop Ann Arbor homes for sale

  • Check Your Exterior
    The exterior of your home is in full display once the leaves have fallen from the trees. Step back and take a look at your home with this in mind. Is the siding dirty and dingy? A power-washer can take care of that. Are there areas of fading or peeling paint? Touch them up. Loose or missing shingles? Get them repaired. Clogged, damaged or loose gutters? Get them cleaned and fixed. These small things can make a big difference regarding that all-important first impression, making it clear that you invest in proper home maintenance.

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Update Don't Renovate to Sell Your Plymouth Home
If you're planning to sell your home, you'll want to get started on getting it ready to list. While your home will be competing with other Plymouth homes for sale, take a minute to evaluate changes that need to be made. Don't commit to expensive home remodeling projects when a simple update will do.

Our REALTORS® understand that when you're preparing your home for the market it's easy to go overboard. When you're ready, we can help you through the process. In the meantime, our best advice is Update, Don't Renovate.

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Here's How to Create Maximum Curb Appeal

Plymouth Create Curb Appeal

Our real estate agents often get asked the question "Is my yard really that important when I'm selling my home?"  Our answer is "yes."  A  survey conducted by the National Association of REALTORS® found 71 percent of home buyers said curb appeal was important when deciding on a home.

Curb appeal is that certain look or feel that encourages buyers to stop, get out of their cars, and come inside to see your home.  If your home's exterior matches the snapshot they've formed in their minds of what their dream home looks like, you're well on your way to selling your home.

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