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Ann Arbor Bookstores-Remerica Hometown REALTORS

At Remerica Hometown Realtors, we're happy to say our REALTORS® do everything by the book. Some of our expert REALTORS® can give you chapter and verse of the entire Ann Arbor market. They can even provide a quick primer in finding your way around Ann Arbor, including these six great book nooks. 

  1. Literati Bookstore – 124 E. Washington St.
    An independent bookstore of Literati's caliber is very nearly a necessity in a college town like Ann Arbor. Host of book and subscription clubs, author events, panels, discussions, storytimes for children, and more, Literati is a bookstore with quirks and character. Shop for bargain books, staff favorites, bestsellers, and many more.

    Literati is a relative newcomer to Ann Arbor, having been in business only since 2013, but it has clear plans to have a long shelf life.

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