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Email Post to a Friend: Ann Arbor: Edge Your Way to a Home Sale

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Landscape Edging - Remerica Hometown Realtors

Everyone wants an edge over the competition. When it comes to home sales, that edge can be razor-thin or as wide as the sidewalk. As you prepare your Ann Arbor homes for sale, the following are some edging ideas that could close the deal when you put your home on the market. 

Creating Your Edge

Start by creating a defined path for the edge. You can do this using a rope, garden hose, or chalk line. You can make your line straight or give it a curvy twist, but whatever you do, you want the line to be smooth and even. Once the line is where you want it, it's time to make your cuts.

When you are making a straight edge, you can start at the ends. When you are making curved edging, it's better to start in the center and work towards the end. It's a good idea to practice on a small, out of the way section if you are using a power edger. This will help prevent mistakes and give you a chance to learn how to use the device and control it as it makes the edge. 

You will want to walk slowly as you make the edge. The slower you go, the less likely you are to make a mistake that will send your edge off into space. Conversely, if you are using a manual edging tool, be sure to apply firm pressure and make the same rotation with the blade as you move across the lawn. Further, it's a good idea to overlap your cuts to help keep the line straight as you go on down the line.

Tips to Follow

  1. Edge as close to cement as possible. This helps keep the line straight. If you are using a power edger, be careful not to get so close that you end up trimming concrete.
  2. Edge regularly. It is a good idea to edge your lawn every week. This helps keep the line well-defined all summer long. You will want to make sure to mow your grass to the proper height based on the grass's species and health. 
  3. Mow first. Mowing first will help you define your edge. It makes it easier to maintain the height. This is imperative as you don't want it so low that it won't be seen, and you don't want it so high that it looks like you did nothing at all.
  4. Use power edgers for curvy edges. Power edgers make this job easier, plus they can create smoother, more even lines as you go along the route.
  5. Add the mulch. Make sure that you add mulch to your flower beds. Your flower beds should be covered with 2 to 3 inches of mulch. This mulch should taper down into the edge leaving approximately 2-3 inches between the top of the mulch and the top of the bed. This will give you a solid appearance and sufficient weed protection.

Our REALTORS® would love to show you some fabulous examples of edging in the area. We invite you to contact us to see what the Joneses' are up to with their summer gardening projects.