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Email Post to a Friend: Working From Home: Is Your Home WiFi Up to the Task?

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Whether you are working out of your current home or looking for Ann Arbor homes for sale, your WiFi connection is essential for success. With the recent health crisis, more people are working from home while their children attend school online. The new trend has many reviewing their current WiFi connections. If your WiFi is not up to the task, multiple users can create a significant strain on your current Internet system. The delay in your system can cause missed deadlines and overwhelming frustration.

Is Your WiFi Up to the Task?

Your home's location often determines the type of Internet provider available. When looking for a new home, our REALTORS® are knowledgeable in all aspects of each home listing, including top WiFi providers. The first step in determining if your WiFi is up to the task is to get acquainted with the current system. Learn about your existing router, your Internet speed, and all other aspects of your system to determine the type of changes to implement. If you need help determining if your WiFi is up to the task, consider the following areas.

  • Internet Speed: Checking your Internet speed is the perfect way to learn if your current WiFi connection can handle multiple users. Under some circumstances, a simple reboot may be necessary to increase your connectivity.

  • Learn Your Options: If you are unhappy with your current WiFi provider, research to learn your options. Over the years, systems change. New Internet providers may be able to offer better connections at higher speeds. When working or attending school from home, ask questions, and research the available options. Finding the right Internet provider for you and your family is beneficial.

  • Traditional Router: A basic router allows your home's wireless traffic to one single point of access. The WiFi network may not reach throughout your entire home. The traditional router is the better choice for homes with limited wireless traffic.

  • Mesh System: Mesh WiFi systems allow wireless traffic to enter from multiple points of access. If you are working from home and your children are attending classes online, the Mesh system can handle entry points from different areas in your home.
  • WiFi 6: Faster than WiFi 5 by 3.5 Gbps, the newest generation WiFi 6 is more efficient in various aspects. Wi-Fi 6 has faster download capabilities and networking improvements to handle multiple devices at one time. Upgrading your laptop, desk computer, phone, or other devices is the only way to get the new WiFi 6. Remember, if your current router does not support WiFi 6, you will not notice the benefits of the latest equipment.

  • Consider Upgrades: To get the most out of your WiFi connection, you may need to upgrade your devices. Less efficient, older systems may not be compatible with your current connection.

  • Turn Off Devices: When noticing a significant delay in your WiFi, try turning off unused devices. If you are still experiences problems, your WiFi system is not up to the task of working and schooling from home.

Telecommuting and attending classes from home are critical to moving forward for you and your children. If your WiFi is not up for the task, you must make changes immediately to optimize your current situation. If you are preparing to move and need more information on homes with optimal WiFi connections, please contact us today.