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Email Post to a Friend: Sellers: This Is Why Online Listings Are Crucial

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Online Listing Importance - Remerica Hometown Realtors

Our REALTORS® have been working hard over the last several weeks helping our clients stay safe and move forward on their real estate goals. Ann Arbor homes for sale are still being listed, bought, and sold. However, the focus is shifting away from the traditional open house or showing.

Conventional showings are still happening in some areas. Still, many sellers are finding it's hard to attract would-be buyers through face to face events. Buyers have moved online like never before, and motivated sellers should follow their lead.

The solution: A beautiful and compelling online listing. The best online listings consist of three parts that all work together:

  • A well-written property description that captures and holds a buyer's attention

  • Eye-catching exterior and interior photos, ideally in several lighting conditions

  • Property videos or an interactive virtual tour to provide a sense of "being there"

These elements come together to make an online listing truly stand out from the crowd. Working together, a seller and agent can ensure the online listing communicates what's special about a home.

Brainstorming on your property description can uncover the selling points that matter most to your future buyers. Your agent will write the description to help you leverage the latest real estate trends.

What about photos? The average smartphone can't offer crisp, high resolution photos – but most digital cameras can. Your agent can advise you on taking photos to spice up your listing.

The top online listings are still attracting traffic and attention even as many markets slow down. Done right, your listing can cut through the clutter and empower you to close the deal within 30 days.

Online Listings Make the Difference for Sellers During COVID-19

No matter whether they're coming from out of state or around the corner, many prospective buyers are limiting their time outside and spending plenty of hours online. From the day you enter the market, your agent will promote your listing to get them interested.

Here's why online listings matter more than ever:

  1. An Online Listing Keeps Everyone Safe
    An online listing is the best way to limit travel, keeping you, your family, and your buyers safe. Many sellers are stressed at the thought of strangers in their home, social distancing measures during the visit, and cleaning up afterward. A terrific online listing is far more practical.

  2. Online Listings Can Motivate Buyers
    Sellers who are on the market today tend to be more motivated – but so are buyers. It is not unheard of for a buyer to make a bid simply after seeing an online listing. Your listing reveals the opportunities that might otherwise be lost if you wait to sell or stick with old-fashioned methods.

  3. Your Online Listing Accelerates Your Sale
    These days, everyone is looking for faster, more efficient ways to handle the whole real estate transaction. An online listing is a great step, but not the last one. Even closing, often thought of as a time-consuming and tricky process, can now be done in "drive-through" format!

  4. Online Listings Help You Conserve Time and Energy
    Most of the time, promoting a home is a combination of online and offline methods. With a good online listing, you'll spend less time hanging signs or preparing the property for appointments that may end up canceled. Your agent can respond for you to any questions your listing receives.

At an uncertain time like this, an outstanding online listing keeps you in control. You don't have to sacrifice your plan for a successful home sale: Remerica Hometown REALTORS® will help you stay on track. To find out more, just contact us.