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Email Post to a Friend: Yes, Open Houses Can Still Help Sell Houses

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Open Houses - Sell a Home - Remerica Hometown Realtors

Ann Arbor homes for sale are some of the most popular in Michigan, but even the best homes won't sell themselves. Real estate agents who want to maximize their effectiveness need to be comfortable with many different methods of promoting their listings. One of the most powerful techniques to help almost any seller is the open house.

At Remerica Hometown, our REALTORS® recognize the value of a memorable open house. In fact, an open house is the most effective face-to-face method for promoting Ann Arbor properties

Sure, some people will visit an open house just to look around. And it's important to make sure you practice basic safety precautions to protect the home. But in many cases, a well-planned open house will yield motivated buyers who may make selling much easier.

In fact, new research shows powerful benefits to open houses:

  • Homes with open houses sell for $9,000 more than other homes on average
  • Homes with open houses spend a full week (seven days) less on the market

Here's why an open house is truly indispensable.

  1. Open Houses Attract People Who Are Ready to Make a Move
    Contrary to popular belief, many of the people who go to open houses are buyers already active in the local market. They are in the early stages of compiling a short list of potential homes. An open house gets their attention and makes it much easier for them to find out if a given home may be a good fit. While it's unusual to sell a home on the spot, it does happen.

  2. Open Houses Help Potential Buyers "Persuade Themselves"
    A buyer might feel a home is a good match, but still have nagging doubts. There's no better way to put those to bed than to let them onto the premises to look around. With help from an expert real estate agent, an open house creates the best first impression. Buyers who are focused on a great value will love to see photos, inspection reports, and warranties they can't access otherwise.

  3. Open Houses Make it Easier to Get Involved in the Process
    Let's face it: Buyer or seller, nobody in today's world has lots of time to waste. With an open house, you're saving potential buyers hours they might have to spend setting up a private tour, making time to go, and potentially getting left in the cold. Instead, they can simply walk in. This means more eyes on your home and a bigger pool of buyers to woo you.

  4. Open Houses Make a Given Home Seem More Desirable
    Simply by bringing more attention to a home, you're making it seem in demand and thus, more desirable. Not only that, but your real estate agent can help you stage a home to put its best foot forward. A bustling open house sends a signal that moving forward fast is crucial. This may intimidate some buyers, but those best positioned to act will hurry.

  5. Open Houses Create a Personal Connection
    It doesn't always happen, but sometimes a buyer and seller will just "click." The opportunity to meet face to face – before any challenging contract negotiations come up – can help both parties in a transaction work together in a true spirit of cooperation. That makes it far more likely that you'll reach closing quickly, smoothly, and with a deal everyone can smile about.

Not every open house is life-changing, but a good one creates opportunities no other method can – and that can make a big difference. To find out more or get started with real estate around Ann Arbor, contact us today.