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Date Archives: December 2019

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New Year, New Hobbies - Ann Arbor - Remerica Hometown REALTORS

2020 is right around the corner, and instead of making your usual New Year's Resolution, our REALTORS® encourage you to start the year off by taking classes for a hobby you've always wanted to learn. Enroll in lessons at one of these inviting studios around Ann Arbor.

  • Paint a Masterpiece at Brighton Art Guild — 202 W. Main St., Brighton MI 48116
    Unleash your inner artist at the Brighton Art Guild. If you've always wanted to express your artistic side but weren't sure how to begin, you can sign up for a variety of classes including drawing, abstract, journaling, scrapbooking, watercolor painting, or mixed media. Class availability changes from week to week and their difficulty levels range from beginner through intermediate and advanced lessons. Be sure to check the schedule ahead of time so you can sign up for a class whenever you'll be in town looking at Brighton homes for sale.

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Credit Score Factors - Remerica Hometown REALTORS

Your credit score is a powerful three-digit number that affects many aspects of your life. Lenders use it to decide whether you get approved for a loan and at what interest rate. If you're shopping for Ann Arbor homes for sale, it's important to know what affects your credit score and the dos and don'ts of improving your creditworthiness. The 5 biggest factors that go into how your credit score is determined are:

  1. Payment History
    Your payment history is the most important component of your credit score and determines 30% of your credit history. This scoring factor is used to forecast future long-term behavior. It looks at whether you can be trusted to repay the loan. FICO scores look at the amount of overall debt you carry, your credit card balances, credit limit, and the relation of your balance to the original loan amount.

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Winter Listing Photography - Remerica Hometown REALTORS

It may be easier to make a house look amazing with spring sunshine and flowers, but listing your property in the winter doesn't mean your photos have to be drab, boring, or unflattering. Gray or cloudy skies, snow, ice, mud, wet conditions, and lifeless landscaping can all be a challenge. But you can still bring out the best features of Ann Arbor homes for sale inside and out. These tips can help make sure you're getting the photos that get buyers through the door to view your home.

Tips for Outdoor Photos

  • Clean the gutters. Gutters overflowing with leaves or debris will be noticeable in photos. And it will give buyers the impression that you don't keep up with maintenance on the property. It can also cause water damage to the house, so making sure they're cleaned out can mean avoiding costly repairs.

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Live Christmas Tree - Ann Arbor, MI - Remerica Hometown REALTORS

There are a ton of fun ways to celebrate the holidays around Ann Arbor. A favorite tradition among our REALTORS® is to gather up the family and head to a local tree farm to choose the perfect live Christmas tree. 

Whether you've always decorated a live tree, or you're ready to start a new tradition, there are plenty of options. Take a quick break from visiting Ann Arbor Homes for Sale and head over to one of these area locations. Your perfect tree is waiting for you! 

  • Braun's Tree Farm - 796 Warren Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48105
    If a wide selection is important to you, you'll love shopping at Braun's Tree Farm. They have over 50 acres of trees and a wide variety of species including Frasier Fir, Douglas Fir, Concolor Fir, White Spruce, Siberian Spruce, and Blue Spruce. You can either hunt and harvest your own tree or choose from a stock of pre-cut trees. Prices start at just $10 a foot!

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