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Email Post to a Friend: Can I Sell My Vacant Home?

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Sell Vacant Home in Ann Arbor - Remerica Hometown REALTORS

Selling a vacant home presents unique challenges. There are advantages and disadvantages that you should go over with Our REALTORS® before listing your property. The more you understand the pros and cons of selling your vacant property in Michigan, the easier and more efficient the process will become.

Advantages of Selling a Vacant Home

  • Staging is simple in a vacant home. Remember, vacant doesn't have to mean barren. In fact, it shouldn't be empty because many prospective buyers will have difficulty visualizing furniture, pictures, and curtains in a completely empty home. You can choose to leave some furniture behind, or even rent furniture to put in some rooms. Once you set everything in position, you can forget it and rest easy knowing that kids, pets, and daily life won't mess up the scene you have carefully crafted. 
  • Taking listing pictures before you move out of the home. This has two advantages. First, it shows furnished rooms in the listing, which can help deter thieves browsing real estate listings for vacant properties. Second, when prospective buyers go through the home, they can see how you lived in it and better imagine how their furnishings will fit within the rooms.
  • Showing the home poses no inconvenience to you. An empty house is an open home that your real estate agent can open at any time to prospective buyers who want to come by and take a look. Moreover, you don't have to keep the home spotless in anticipation of a visit, which eliminates any disruption to your daily routine. 

Disadvantages of Selling a Vacant Home

  • Dealing with any furniture left behind. You'll have to decide whether you want to return to pick it up, have it shipped to your new home, or include it in the sale of the home. Alternatively, if you have rented furniture for staging the home, you will need to bear these added expenses until the home sells. 
  • Tending to landscaping. Whether you do this yourself or hire the professionals, keeping up with landscaping crucial. By not doing so, you risk having the exterior of the property look dilapidated and neglected. Fortunately, well-maintained landscaping can significantly boost market value, which means you are likely to recoup this expense with ease.
  • Housecleaning duties. You'll have to clean the home yourself or pay someone to do it if you've moved out of the area. Dust builds up, and air gets stale quickly, so a light cleaning and opening of the windows is a chore that will need to be done periodically until the house sells.  
  • Addressing safety concerns. While squatters are rare, there's always the potential for a break-in. Fortunately, modern smart home technology allows you to monitor from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop in your new home. This will make the home appear occupied to the casual observer. Better still would be to continue an existing contract with your home security provider. 
  • Keeping the lights on. You'll also need to continue making utility payments. It's crucial that you don't shut off your lights, water, or gas. This helps protect the home from damage and also allows buyers to test these systems during their final walk-through.

Contact us for more information about the ways we prepare vacant Ann Arbor homes for sale. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you get your home ready to put on the market.