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Date Archives: January 21st, 2019

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Listing Presentation - Remerica Hometown Realtors

Selling a home can be tough enough, but selecting the right real estate agent to take care of the nitty-gritty details of selling a home can be tough in and of itself. Plus, getting your property listed in a way that will distinguish it from the rest of the Ann Arbor homes for sale is a challenge in today's market.  

In order to help you move the proceedings along, we've put together this list of five things you should ask during a listing presentation.

  1. Listing and Sale Price
    Naturally, the most logical place to start is by asking about price. Real estate agents, generally speaking, have access to the same data, metrics, and sales information, so asking your realtor what their realistic expectation of both sales and listing prices can show a realtor's experience. Ideally, you'll talk to a few agents and have a good idea of where your home should list and where it may sell.

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