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Plymouth Home Spring Sale
If you've been waiting for spring to add your home to the list of Plymouth, MI homes for sale, you don't have to wait much longer. Spring officially arrives on March 20. When buyers are searching our local real estate market, you must be ready to open your door when they are. That means you should start preparing right now. 

Our REALTORS® work with local buyers from pre-listing to closing. We understand what it takes to undo the effects a cold winter wreaks on your home. To get you started, we recommend these three things to get your Plymouth home ready for a quick spring sale.

1.  Ruthlessly Declutter
If the idea of decluttering causes you to break out in a cold sweat, you probably have way too much stuff. If you can't imagine getting rid of anything, you should probably get someone to help you. Ask a friend or your REALTOR® to help you decide what should go and what should stay.

Be ruthless. Think minimalist. Free up enough space to allow buyers to visualize their belongings in your home. You can do it one step at a time.


  • Get rid of unnecessary furniture, decor, and accessories.
  • Remove knick-knacks, photos, mementos, and personal keepsakes.
  • Remove items from non-storage spaces: under beds, under tables, on top of the refrigerator, other surfaces.
  • Take down culturally-specific paintings, flags, statuary, icons, etc.
  • Remove items you don't use from storage areas, your basement, and your garage.
  • Remove toys from common areas. Store them in your children's toy boxes and on their shelves. Donate unused toys.


  • Put away snow blowers, lawn mowers, and other tools and equipment.
  • Find an out-of-the-way area for outdoor toys, bicycles, and baby pools.
  • Remove everything from your garage that you don't use.

2.  Deep Clean Everything


Once you've eliminated all that clutter, you'll see soiled spaces you probably haven't cleaned in a while. Now is your chance to do a deep, top-to-bottom clean. If you can find it in your budget, hire a cleaning service.

  • Clean floors and walls where you removed area rugs, furniture, and decor. Repaint or refinish if necessary.
  • Clean every surface in your bathrooms. Replace shower curtains and decalcify fixtures.
  • Deep clean your kitchen cupboards, cabinets, sink, work surfaces, and inside/outside all major appliances.
  • Scrub baseboards, woodwork, and light fixtures throughout the house.
  • Clean above, below, and behind everything.
  • Don't forget the windows.


Your yard could use a deep clean as well. Again, you may wish to consider hiring a professional.

  • Clean away leaves, twigs, and debris deposited by winter winds.
  • Eliminate stains from your driveway, walkways, and garage floor.
  • Clean your deck. Restain the wood if necessary.
  • Powerwash your home exterior, driveway, and walkways.
  • Clear spider webs, dirt, and debris from your garage.
  • Clean leaves and debris from your gutters.

3.  Upgrade Your Curb Appeal

If you've ever been so attracted to a home you wanted to park your car and take a closer look, that's curb appeal. Decluttering and cleaning are the first steps. After that, think beauty and attraction.

  • If power washing didn't revive your home's exterior, try repainting it in a neutral color like white or greige.
  • Create a colorful and inviting entryway by painting your front door blue, green, or another deep color.
  • Inspect your roof and repair any problems.
  • Maintain your lawn and beautify outdoor areas with gardens, lighting, hanging planters, and inviting outdoor seating areas.

Your Real Estate Professional

If you plan to put your home on the Plymouth real estate market this spring, our real estate professionals can help. Contact us for advice on pre-listing preparation.